Fabfilter Total Bundle Vst Windows


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The FabFilter Total Bundle is a collection of all the plugins developed by FabFilter, a company that specializes in creating high-quality audio processing plugins. The bundle includes 14 plugins in total, covering a range of audio processing needs.

The plugins included in the FabFilter Total Bundle are:

  1. Pro-Q3: A professional equalizer plugin with up to 24 bands, dynamic EQ, and various filter shapes.
  2. Pro-L2: A professional limiter plugin with various limiting modes, true peak limiting, and loudness metering.
  3. Pro-MB: A professional multiband compressor/expander plugin with up to six bands, dynamic phase processing, and various filter shapes.
  4. Pro-C2: A professional compressor plugin with various compression modes, sidechain input, and lookahead.
  5. Pro-DS: A professional de-esser plugin with transparent processing and natural sound.
  6. Pro-G: A professional gate/expander plugin with various gating modes, lookahead, and sidechain input.
  7. Saturn 2: A multiband distortion/saturation plugin with up to six bands, various distortion modes, and modulation.
  8. Timeless 3: A stereo tape delay plugin with various delay modes, modulation, and filtering.
  9. Volcano 2: A filter plugin with various filter types, modulation, and panning.
  10. Twin 2: A synthesizer plugin with various oscillator types, filters, modulation, and effects.
  11. Simplon: A filter plugin with various filter types and panning.
  12. One: A basic synthesizer plugin with two oscillators, filters, and effects.
  13. Micro: A basic filter plugin with various filter types.
  14. Pro-R: A professional reverb plugin with various reverb modes, decay shapes, and modulation.

The FabFilter Total Bundle is compatible with all major digital audio workstations (DAWs) on both Mac and Windows platforms. It is a popular choice among audio professionals and enthusiasts alike due to the quality of its plugins and ease of use.